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A little bit about us

High Star Entertainment is an Ontario based development and production company founded by Bruno Marino, who has produced and executive produced more than 50 films and series including Tapped Out starring Micheal Biehn (Terminator) & Anderson Silva (UFC Superstar) distributed by Lionsgate, Gridlocked starring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Vinnie Jones (Snatch), and Trish Stratus (WWE Hall of Famer) available globally in over 140 countries on Netflix and most recently Executive Produced The Sound starring Rose McGowan (Scream), and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) theatrically released in the US by Samuel Goldwyn, Black Water starring Jean-Claude Van Damme (Universal Soldier) and Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV) and most recently Uncharted: The Fan Film starring Nathan Fillion (Castle) which went viral with almost 5 Million views. 

His films have premiered at film festivals worldwide and garnered 10 Best Feature Film awards respectfully. Bruno is also an active member of the Producer's Guild of America, the Canadian Media Producers Association and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. 





Making a project is hard work and can take several years to get off the ground, that is why we will take the time to ensure we are the right fit. We offer a complete no obligation initial consultation at no cost to you.

We are

Content Creators

We speak your language! Knowing the mechanics of how projects are made and how they affect tax credits are an essential part of the process. Simple, small adjustments on how you go about making your project can be the difference from qualifying to not. Let us provide a road map to ensure everything runs smoothly.  

We Pull our own


Experience matters and we pride ourselves in providing advise that puts more money in your pocket or more importantly more money where it counts, on the screen. 

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